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 Hazardous Material Certified
Transporting chemicals and hazardous materials is a process that must be handled with absolute care and left only to professional HAZMAT carriers.
Drivers that are not fully trained in the transportation of these goods should not attempt to carry them; this type of cargo should be left in the hands of qualified professionals.

That’s where Inner Loop Logistics comes in. Specializing in chemical transportation for over 10 years, Inner Loop Logistics team of HAZMAT carriers are fully trained in the safe, efficient shipping of chemical and hazardous materials.
You can trust in the most strict and thorough training, a full commitment to customer service and dedication to the safety of your freight.
Inner Loop Logistics are the trusted experts you should choose when you’re in need of a HAZMAT carrier.

You'll be 100% up-to-date on the status of your shipment. We feel you should be as informed as we are about the status of your goods, and that’s just one way we put as much effort as we can towards good, caring customer service.

Every HAZMAT carrier employed to move your freight has safety in mind as a top priority, and treats each shipment with as much care as possible. All of the carrier's are fully trained and qualified for the shipment of chemicals and dangerous goods.
Feel assured that your cargo is in good, reliable hands, and pride yourself on working towards this goal every day.